Second day in chastity


Just put on cb600 and given key to my partner who will be keeping it until I’ve completed some chores/jobs.

Metal chastity and black condom

In chastity outside

Naked on hay bail, all 4’s

Naked on hay bail, all 4’s

Naked bent over hay bail, spread ass


Locked back up again, Gf off out tonight, and has the keys

Anonymous said: Are you will locked up? I think you should stay locked for at least 48 hours.

Nope not still locked up, will be as of Fri night, Gf is going out and maybe locked up for longer over wknd I will poss post txt/pics about it

Anonymous said: I really want to see more, like the other anon... and I do use Kik. ;)

Ok well add me @ wecamguy and tell me what else you’d like too see